At the top of the evening light up Matthew Rondena (7-4) cross and the Milan boxing treat early career. Great item in the amateurs, pro debuts with Opi 82, in the bill of December 5, 2014, opening night at the Teatro Principe by Alex Cherchi, based on the flag between Moscatiello welterweight champion and the challenger Pintaudi.  The poster of Saturday’s meeting of the poster of the meeting on Saturday HIGHS AND LOWS explosive and dramatic match, led by Pintaudi for much of the comparison, with the recovery of Moscatiello who wins before the limit.

Opening Rondena confirms the qualities of thug, knocking out the first time the hapless Hungarian Gabor Orban of 31 years. It continues with three more hits, two by knockout, until the evening of May 26, 2015, when the Croatian Martinjak sends it to the fourth KO. Path Accident? He tries again four months later, again to the Prince and this time to put the carpet is the Bosnian Colic, not a champion.

The public continues to support him, but in fact the boxing Rondena instead of improving seems to have taken a dangerous decline. The giant Magenta (Mi), born in 1990, climbs the ring insecure and defenseless, he jumps into the fray and undergoes the reactions of opponents to him below. Back after a year, April 14, 2016, beating the Hungarian inconsistent Szatmari (4-28) by KO in the first round, but two months later suffers the same fate in front of the Hungarian Kun another.

Other long stop and April 1, 2017 the sixth successful test at the expense of Croatian Bozinovic (2-19) KO’d in the fourth round, but the situation does not change much. It gets to the April 14, 2018, the Prince always to compete with Endree Spahiu, art brother, born in Albania but a naturalized Italian, a resident of Paratico in Brescia, where the family runs a restaurant. He has stumbled, and confirms the record, clearly winning, but even in defeat Rondena shows some of the rescue signal.

THE TURNING POINT At that point he decided to change the technical management and leaves the Opi. Now the young man is 28 years old, and after four seasons of a few lights and many shadows, does not want to leave without attempting a rescue his pride asks. Go to train in gyms Rho and Boffalora Sopra Ticino Francis Boxing, the technician Alessandro Meda. “First of all – is keen to stress – I started to think in the ring.

Nothing senseless attacks like I did in the past. I hold the highest guard, I learn to ward off the blows with his gloves, attack when I see the opportunity. I divide the time between boxing and work. They are mechanical designer, so I think also to the future.

When I was offered to fight in Martigny in Switzerland against unbeaten Benoit Huber (5), I pondered whether she should risk it. Then I said, that was the real value of my tests. It initially decided attacked me, but I was inside and I tried to understand its weaknesses. After the initial outburst the match is channeled in a substantial equal. The fifth time I scored a nice left hook that shook him and I knew I had to insist.

So I did and after having hit several times, the referee realized that the Swiss was not able to defend themselves and stopped him. When the referee raised my arm I was proud and moved. I had started my rescue.

Saturday I have a beatable opponent, but in my class do not have to ever trust. I will investigate it and see how you put the match, which I hope will go in my favor. ” THE OPPONENT The opponent is the Romanian Ovidiu Enache (0-5) similar age, residing in the hinterland Capaccio Salerno, dignified test, as evidenced by the defeat on points against Huber.

In the last meeting in Vallefoglia in Pesaro, he has lost to injury against Albanian Alek Branch (2), in turn based in Porto Recanati in the Marche. On paper widely opponent within his reach, waiting to see if the former promise is returned to have his say in the national field. The Italian title is the goal to which aspires: “Point around the flag, I think of my reach.” Meanwhile, he must beat Enache and confirm the progress.

Poster also well equipped in the amateur, where Francis has good elements. In this context the space pugilesse. Three meetings concerning women’s match, only one male.  The poster of Saturday’s meeting of the poster of the meeting on Saturday VALERIA VS FRANCESCA pink Boxing also in the professionals, it is the revenge on the fly, including Valeria De Francesco (1) and Francesca Paglia (0-1).

The first challenge was held in Frankfurt in Sicily in Syracuse. Although both Catania, De Francesco resides in Rho (Mi) so will his fans to encourage her to conquer the encore. We will review Vadim Gurao (5-4) Moldovan active since 2011 debut in New York, then return to Europe in search of a base where training and work.

Last April he won against Mongardi the Prince, then lost before the limit in Corneliano d’Alba in Cuneo, from twenty Cuban Etinosa Oliha (6) led by Loreni, about to become Italian. Last commitment to Ascona in Switzerland, the first in December, passed in points Marzio Franscella (6) with a questionable verdict. In his return to Milan, is the left-handed Simone Brusa (2-1), Milan to be reckoned with, quick and elusive boxer, certainly not the intended victim. Surely a balanced challenge.

BEGINNERS The superlight Shakib El Kadimi (2-5-2) born in Arona in Piedmont resident in Rozzano (Milan) where he trains boxer with a suitcase, finally returns home and finds the novice Bruno Maraia, good amateur, born in Albania, resident in Bergamo with Italian license. In 2017 the Lombard champion, took part in the absolute in Gorizia, winning debut, defeated in the quarterfinals. It has a stylish boxing but has little experience.

Another debutant, the lightweight seasoned Giuseppe Fiorino, 33 in March, was born in Bollate and lives in Senatobia, against the more experienced Gerardo Minium (0-2-1), 32, was born in Calabria, he lies in Borgonuovo Val Tidone Emilia . This is a typical comparison between two modest boxers of the same value, they often offer performance, appreciated by the audience. For the Ring of Rooster is a very bold choice in a quality location.

The organizers have relied on sponsors friends, such as Radio Taxi 24 02/8484, Super Mario 24, Rho Allianza agency Sermolino Srl, Odontoap Antonio Pennacchio, Impresa Snc laces and Chinelli hardware. Single ticket 20 Euros, you can buy it on the website and by email to Beginning at 19:30.

Rocky Giuliano

February 14 – Pyeongchang (SCOR) Omar Visintin, 28, in action on the GETTY is the right time to harvest. The program of the Olympic snowboard cross opens the night with the men’s race (qualifications from 3 Italian, final board from 5.30), while tomorrow night (2 hours qualifications, hours 4:15 final board) there will be women and Italy will drop the ‘ ace with Michela Moioli.

The men, however, there’s loads: Omar Visintin, two wins this season, leads a team that includes Emanuel Perathoner, Lorenzo Sommariva and Michele Godino. Visintin, knows the track? “We came here two years ago in the Cup. It went well because I entered the finals at 6, then the last corner of found ourselves together, I took a bad line and found myself in the midst of chaos.

The feelings, however, were good. Michela was the first to try the track these days: it looks beautiful, they have added a couple of jumps at the end but the beginning they have risen. The lines, however, remain the same. ” And then there is this starting to drop in free fall, like so much Michela Moioli. “There’s one like unto Feldberg (Bergamo where, in the race Friday night, ten days ago, he won twice, ed): the gate opens onto a cliff, you push in a vacuum and lands two to three meters below . You can make mistakes, but it is not a departure hyper.

The group will be divided below, in the technical part. It will be a longer cross of the other, each run will last approximately 1’10 “.” The fall in training in Bansko in January end came at the wrong time. “It was a strong muscular bruised right hip (the same one which fell in the finals at the Sochi Games, which went out in the semi-finals while leading, ed).

I left the bruise, I had liquid discharge on the basin, felt annoyance to move the leg and when I was lying in bed. ” Now how are you? “I’m recovering. For five days I got hurt for five others I was so and so, now every day is better. I suffered a bit ‘the journey to Korea, but here in the gym and work quietly on the table everything is ok.